Camp Wall COPE Course


The following photos are of the COPE course and climbing tower at Camp Wall, V.I.
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Notice nearly all high elements are connected to the tower; only the Leap of Faith is unattached.
This design enables participants to use static belays, and requires staff to be prepared to assist in the event an intervention is required.
Dynamic belays would be complicated.
This arrangement will complicate the task of assessing a visiting troop's ability to competently operate the tower.
This design is entirely unlike the courses at Camp WB Snyder and at Camp Post, Goshen Scout Reservation. It is similar to the course at Hawk Mountain, but with more elements.

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COPE course.
Using fire department terminology, picture taken from the Alpha (front) /Bravo (left) corner.
Alpha on right. [and...Bravo (left side), Charlie (back), Delta (right side)]
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Apha side
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Delta side
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COPE course
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COPE Course
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The photos were provided by Stephen Richardson on a working trip he took to Camp Wall in 2017-06-18 to 2017-06-24.
Steve is an extraordinary volunteer who volunteers many hours supporting
Camp WB Snyder, Camp Wall, V.I., and Goshen Scout Reservation.
Thanks, Steve!

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