Tying Into a Figure 8 Follow-Through


Step-by-step images and directions for a climber tying a figure 8 knot, then a figure 8 follow-through. Required for the BSA Climbing Merit Badge. Yes, there are other ways, but this way produces the right result every time. Efficient and effective. Images taken from the HardIsEasy channel, from the episode "How to tie into the harness with Perfect Figure 8 knot every time" Good stuff, but has more information that may get in the way of learning the steps.

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Measuring the location for the figure 8
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Start by holding end of rope in right hand and looping over left thumb while palm out, thumb down.
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Form loop with left index finger and thumb (left hand palm out, thumb down).
03:13 0.29MB
Extend right hand. Pinch rope at left shoulder.
03:19 0.31MB

While holding loop with left thumb and index finger, rotate loop once, and then
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03:24 0.29MB
While holding loop with left thumb and index finger, feed rope with right hand through loop…
03:28 0.29MB

And pull up (do not let good of loop).
03:31 0.27MB

Correctly tied figure 8
04:12 0.42MB
Overhand know. What you will get if you only put one twist in loop (need two).
04:17 0.46MB

Putting rope up through leg loop then waist loop, on left of belay loop.
07:07 0.21MB

Orientate knot so rope comes from right side of knot.
07:42 0.25MB
You do not want rope to come from left side of knot (turn it over).
07:48 0.26MB

Rope goes into gap to the right side of the lead.
08:01 0.23MB

Rope goes into gap to the right side of the lead.
08:01 0.22MB
And through.
08:02 0.23MB

Take up slack
08:06 0.23MB

Go over top of loop
08:30 0.23MB
And to left of crossing loop.
08:35 0.24MB

Take up slack
08:38 0.23MB

Go behind knot and below the lead.
08:40 0.23MB
And to right of lead.
08:42 0.24MB

08:44 0.24MB

Take up slack
08:48 0.24MB

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