Brian Wood brings chainmail to Troop meeting, 09-Sep-2003


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Brian Wood opening the meeting.
09-09-03 7:39p 868.3KB

Brain Wood reading announcements.
09-09-03 7:39p 786.3KB

Brain Wood reading announcements.
09-09-03 7:40p 748.2KB
Tim, Kyle, Matt and Mike trying to hold chainmail jerkin.
09-09-03 8:43p 777KB

Derek Richardson in chainmail.
09-09-03 8:44p 841.4KB

Kyle in the chainmail
09-09-03 8:49p 915KB
Removing the chainmail
09-09-03 8:50p 753.2KB

Matt (or Mike) running in the chainmail.
09-09-03 8:50p 693.8KB

Matt (or Mike) doing pushups the hard way.
09-12-03 7:30p 1435.8KB
Tim is just a bit weighted down.
09-09-03 8:52p 828KB

Tim, struggling to remove the chainmail.
09-12-03 7:31p 1278.8KB

Brian helping Tim remove the chainmail.
09-12-03 7:31p 1233.7KB
That didn't work. Paul tries.
09-12-03 7:32p 1240.4KB

Mike and Matt get into helping Tim.
09-12-03 7:32p 1269KB

Finally, Brian and Derek get the job done.
09-12-03 7:33p 1369.1KB
And it's off to the races, again.
09-12-03 7:33p 1151.4KB

Time to swap to another wearer.
09-12-03 7:33p 1263KB

Sorting the golf balls after the meeting.
09-09-03 9:09p 823.3KB
Someone else wants to try wearing the chainmail. Who would that be?
09-12-03 7:34p 1382.7KB

Oh yeah, Mr Hertsch!
09-12-03 7:34p 1354.5KB

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