Troop 1501 hikes to Old Rag


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Scouts and Dads getting organized.
09-27-03 9:24a 1163.3KB

The crew (and one Scouter who wanted to go).
09-27-03 9:24a 1155KB

On the trail up to the start.
09-27-03 12:14p 1216KB
A walking stick.
09-27-03 12:19p 849.1KB

The crew on the way to the trail head.
09-27-03 12:29p 1391.1KB

David, Ryan, Charlie, and Kyle by the river (in the background)
09-27-03 12:39p 1465.2KB
Charlie explaining the route.
09-27-03 12:41p 1392.1KB

The entire crew (James and Irena, James' Significant Other)
09-27-03 12:42p 1460.4KB

Lunchtime (and fog on the lens).
09-27-03 1:19p 1169.4KB
David trying to get his “catfood” open.
09-27-03 1:23p 1466.3KB

James, Irena, and Jim at lunch.
09-27-03 1:23p 994.8KB

Kyle, Charlie, Chuck, and Ryan at lunch.
09-27-03 1:24p 1277.6KB
Charlie and David discussing “catfood”.
09-27-03 1:35p 1304KB

Charlie and Kyle on rock overlooking rivulets.
09-27-03 1:39p 1507.3KB

Closeup of Charlie and Kyle on rock overlooking rivulets.
09-27-03 1:40p 2075.7KB
Closeup of Charlie and Kyle on rock overlooking rivulets.
09-27-03 1:40p 2099.9KB

Distant shot of Charlie and Kyle on rock overlooking rivulets.
09-27-03 1:40p 2135.9KB

Kyle, Ryan, and Charlie. Where's David?
09-27-03 1:40p 2221.2KB
Chanterelles? If so, they're HUGE!
09-27-03 2:37p 1356.2KB

And NUMEROUS!! Notice the big ones in the foreground.
09-27-03 2:39p 2461.8KB

Charlie taking a picture at the first outcropping with a view.
09-27-03 2:45p 1273.6KB
Looks like a frog.
09-27-03 2:47p 1246.5KB

So this is why they said the route was strenuous. Where's the escalator?
09-27-03 2:47p 1356.7KB

Second vista. Still a bit hazy.
09-27-03 2:50p 1148.4KB
“I'm saving my film for the summit.”
09-27-03 2:56p 417.2KB

Here's what they were looking at.
09-27-03 2:57p 816.6KB

The trail often got narrow.
09-27-03 3:00p 2033.9KB
One of the many interesting rock forms.
09-27-03 3:01p 2035.6KB

Chuck cruising on. Check out that view!
09-27-03 3:03p 1138.2KB

09-27-03 3:03p 1052.7KB
Jim, James, Charlie, Chuck and Kyle at the penultimate summit.
09-27-03 3:05p 896.7KB

But what a view!
09-27-03 3:05p 790.1KB

Right side of view
09-27-03 3:05p 704.3KB
Jim and Chuck
09-27-03 3:07p 870.2KB

Oh, THAT summit.
09-27-03 3:13p 812.9KB

We're going to climb up THERE?
09-27-03 3:14p 1535.7KB
Ryan doesn't think it's too narrow.
09-27-03 3:20p 1831.8KB

“I'll hold these two while ya'll crawl through.”
09-27-03 3:34p 237.6KB

“I can still lift my feet. Just not very high.”
09-27-03 3:36p 1491.2KB
About this time, someone makes a comment about a bumper sticker saying “Your ad here, $500.”
09-28-03 7:31p 1813.1KB

Negotiating another twisty, turning passage.
09-28-03 7:31p 1996.2KB

Ryan and David giving instructions to Kyle and Charlie, “Left foot yellow, right hand green...”
09-28-03 7:31p 2147.7KB
David playing photographer, Ryan hugging the wall, Kyle realizing one of his hands must move forward or Mr Nose will be realigned, Charlie checking if there's another route, Mr Hertsch ecstatic because the Vipers figured out the route themselves.
09-28-03 7:32p 1997.3KB

Hey Chuck! Look at the view. Chuck?
09-28-03 7:32p 1829.8KB

James and friend negotiating a challenging passage.
09-28-03 7:32p 1967.1KB
“When you're #4 up the wall, you've had three examples to work from.”
09-28-03 7:33p 1593.1KB

“Maybe more than 3 examples.”
09-28-03 7:33p 1901.4KB

“And if Charlie's struggling, I”m in trouble.”
09-28-03 7:33p 1761.1KB
Ryan to the left, David to the right, Charlie up the middle, Kyle wondering how the rock got coated with Teflon.”
09-28-03 7:34p 1702.9KB

What few people know is that Chuck actually widened that part of the path by at least 5 mm.
09-28-03 7:34p 1854.8KB

Again, “Your ad here, $600”
09-28-03 7:35p 1698KB
Two climbers who helped pull us up, on their way down.
09-28-03 7:35p 1746.7KB

Chuck checking the trail, in case the rocks start to close in.
09-28-03 7:35p 1837.4KB

“Guess what. Mom just called. Wanted to know where I was.”
09-28-03 7:36p 1969.8KB
Behind Chuck at the summit.
09-27-03 4:37p 742.1KB

“No camera can do justice to the view...Where's the Motrin?”
09-27-03 4:37p 212.9KB

Chuck pondering climbing the bolder to be at the top of the mountain. James is contemplating his next footfall.
09-27-03 4:38p 1036.8KB
“Hello, Mom? Can you hear me now?”
09-27-03 4:38p 910KB

“Hi, Mom. Yeah, you're coming in fine. Me? I'm getting excellent reception.”
09-27-03 4:38p 760.5KB

“Oh beautiful, for spacious skies...”
09-27-03 4:41p 187.7KB
The Vipers on Old Rag.
09-27-03 4:43p 208.2KB

Scout and Father at the summit.
09-27-03 4:42p 585.2KB

Scout and Father at the summit (wallet size).
09-27-03 4:42p 150.5KB
Time to saddle-up and head on down before the rain hits.
09-27-03 4:42p 1043.2KB

View east
09-27-03 4:43p 769.8KB

View northeast
09-27-03 4:43p 801KB
“I think I see something.”
09-27-03 4:44p 886.4KB

“Maybe if I whistled...”
09-27-03 4:44p 258.6KB

Chuck, always the gentleman, widening a gap for two comely young women who passed us on the trail.
09-27-03 4:55p 1045.1KB
To the left, the trail up. The blue mark indicates the ideal landing point when jumping the chasm on the left.
09-27-03 4:55p 1352.5KB

David, “I don't understand your problem. The trail is perfectly wide enough here.”
09-27-03 4:56p 2044.2KB

“I'll be the view from the top of that boulder is magnificant, wouldn't you James? James?”
09-27-03 4:57p 1042.3KB
“Hey Chuck. How many trekking poles DO you need?”
09-27-03 5:00p 1735.9KB

Moments before, the Vipers were almost sprinting down the mountain and were called back to read this sign. As it turned out, the words were prophetic. Fortunately, not for us. “Attention Hiking Leaders Each year this park spends thousands of taxpayer dollars looking for youths who run ahead of their group and get lost by shortcutting switchbacks. Please keep control of your group. REMEMBER You are responsible for your group.
09-27-03 5:11p 1260KB

The dark blue on the right is about 6” of “partly cloudy” and headed our way.
09-27-03 5:21p 743.7KB
Kyle taking a breather.
09-27-03 5:21p 902.4KB

At the last shelter.
09-27-03 6:17p 914.3KB

David and Mr Hertsch.
09-27-03 6:18p 970.5KB
David and Mr Hertsch. James and Irena.
09-27-03 6:18p 968.3KB

“Thank you very much for going back for my fanny pack.”
09-27-03 6:18p 1033KB
  After a few delays to talk with adults from T922 about missing scouts, we arrived at the parking lot around 8:00 pm. We were tired and a bit sore, but feeling good about the hike. We'd planned to spend the night, but since the rain began right about the time we were going to select a campsite the Scouts decided it would be safer to return home (after saying a prayer requesting a safe return of the lost Scouts and the searchers). We learned along the way home the Scouts had been found. We stopped for dinner and gasoline in Warrinton, got stuck waiting on the traffic leaving the Nissan Pavillion, and pulled in around midnight. Charlie, the APL, was quick to point out we had had a two day outing since it was now Sunday.
Panorama of summit.
09-27-03 3:05p 473.5KB

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