Troop 1501 Works on Derek's Eagle Project


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Ready to start, but where's Alexander.
10-25-03 8:20a 1262.8KB

Two hours later (after a “quick” stop at Home Depot), we're finally at the Cemetery and ready to unload timbers and over half a ton of cement. Ouch!
10-25-03 10:28a 1209.2KB

Our Eagle-to-be Derek flanked by employees of the Cemetery.
10-25-03 10:29a 1350.3KB
Our Eagle-to-be Derek flanked by employees of the Cemetery.
10-25-03 10:29a 1364.2KB

Is everybody clear on the plan. Derek?
10-25-03 10:32a 1216.2KB

Laying out the locations for the uprights.
10-25-03 10:54a 1372.8KB
Hey you guys! Why is it taking 3 people to tell Brian how to cut wood?
10-25-03 10:55a 1499.5KB

Okay, we're down to just Cody and Brian cutting. Good.
10-25-03 10:55a 1485.2KB

Pythagorian theorem applied. Who was supposed to bring the article from American Handiman???
10-25-03 11:10a 1395.5KB
Actor wanabees for the sequel to “Holes”.
10-25-03 11:38a 1386.6KB

As Brian gets into his “groove”, Cody does what he can to stay out of Brian's way.
10-25-03 8:44p 2023.6KB

“What am I doing? Paul said he needed some help reaching the bricks.”
10-25-03 12:53p 1167.7KB
“Got the bricks yet Paul? I think I heard Alex mumble something?”
10-25-03 12:53p 1199.9KB

“Did you guys dig these holes to the same depth?”
10-25-03 1:24p 1227.3KB

Break time; a bagel and soda.
10-25-03 9:31p 1556.6KB
Paul, in his cardboard tube Oriental wear.
10-25-03 1:52p 1235.8KB

Realizing the previous image will be plastered on the Internet, Paul tries to hide his face. Too late, Bucko!
10-25-03 1:52p 1212.3KB

Here's Brian doing his impression of a leek.
10-25-03 2:00p 980.3KB
Or maybe it's an impression of a carrot.
10-25-03 2:00p 988.8KB

Is that a UFO in the upper right corner? If so, maybe Brian's brain was “Taken”!
10-25-03 2:00p 774.2KB

How many Scout leaders does it take to lay out a building. One, but that one needs to know what's going on (thank goodness Glenn came by).
10-25-03 2:18p 1019.4KB
“What do you mean, 'it looks crooked' Alexander?”
10-25-03 2:26p 1256KB

Almost ready to add the concrete.
10-25-03 2:28p 1351.3KB

Hmmm...a familiar scene. Brian and Cody mixing concrete...and Cody wearing his best sneakers.
10-25-03 3:15p 1237.6KB
Cody demonstrating his technique of “cutting” concrete, perfected on Brian's Eagle project.
10-25-03 3:17p 1222.5KB

Done! And Cody and Paul play “Flick the Pop Tab”
10-25-03 4:38p 1160.5KB

Looks like Paul lost the tab but won the can.
10-25-03 4:38p 1144.1KB
Derek and Colin, proving the concrete really does set quickly.
10-25-03 4:39p 1272.1KB

“Come on!! Group hug everyone!”
10-25-03 4:39p 1318.8KB

“How about a little action, guys? You can't be THAT tired.”
10-25-03 4:39p 1303.3KB
“Okay, so maybe you ARE that tired.”
10-25-03 4:39p 1215.7KB

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