ODD Fall Camporee


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Assembling prior to the program.
10-11-04 3:11p 2106.9KB

At opening ceremony.
10-11-04 3:11p 2244.9KB

With Mr O'Shea at exhibit of Coast Guard's Fast Boat.
10-11-04 3:11p 1999KB
Das Boat!
10-11-04 3:11p 1742.8KB

Checking progress.
10-11-04 3:11p 1884KB

Another briefing.
10-11-04 3:11p 2272.2KB
Weather balloon.
10-11-04 3:11p 1518.2KB

Derrick taking notes.
10-11-04 3:11p 1615.1KB

Chris taking notes.
10-11-04 3:11p 2110.2KB
10-11-04 3:11p 1704KB

Mr Conner.
10-11-04 3:11p 2065.7KB

Mr Conner's safety briefing.
10-11-04 3:11p 2204.5KB
What did you say??
10-11-04 3:11p 2283.1KB

Bryan and Derrick.
10-11-04 3:11p 2006.7KB

The ambulance.
10-11-04 3:11p 1892.2KB
Another view of the ambulance.
10-11-04 3:11p 1454KB

Scouts listening to safety briefing.
10-11-04 3:11p 2385.2KB

The Red Cross.
10-11-04 3:11p 2154.4KB
Signalling, led by Johnny.
10-11-04 3:11p 2598.9KB

Bryan concentrating.
10-11-04 3:11p 1989.7KB

Johnny checking notes.
10-11-04 3:11p 1948.2KB
By George, I think he's got it.
10-11-04 3:11p 2199.8KB

Off to do group work.
10-11-04 3:11p 2512.9KB

All together now...Richard Simmon's style.
10-11-04 3:11p 2410KB
Off to see Mr Saitta.
10-11-04 3:11p 1835.4KB

Mr Saitta.
10-11-04 2:57p 2236.9KB

Mr Saitta and the Scouts.
10-11-04 2:57p 2454.5KB
Derrick and Hunter.
10-11-04 2:57p 2259.8KB

Mr Distler.
10-11-04 2:57p 2439.9KB

Leo asking a question, Luke trying to attend...
10-11-04 2:57p 1657.8KB
And Ryan trying to stay awake.
10-11-04 2:57p 1677.7KB

Mr Saitta making a point about tying knots.
10-11-04 2:57p 2639KB

The Scouts trying to explain they don't read knotty books.
10-11-04 2:57p 2260KB
The dog handlers
10-11-04 2:57p 1713.2KB

Ryan, a Scout from another troop, Hunter and Bryan watching.
10-11-04 2:57p 1492.2KB

The dog in action.
10-11-04 2:57p 1054.8KB
The handlers and Ryan.
10-11-04 2:57p 1415.7KB

A man and his dog.
10-11-04 2:57p 2481.1KB

Time to make dinner.
10-11-04 2:57p 2235.1KB
Philip and Matt waiting for Mr Saitta and a blinding flash, the signal that Mr Saitta has lit the stove.
10-11-04 2:57p 1696.7KB

Ryan and Luke making dinner.
10-11-04 2:57p 1367.9KB

Mr Saitta, Tim and Kyle. Still no flash.
10-11-04 2:57p 1879.4KB
Meanwhile, Steven is helping the Vikings.
10-11-04 2:57p 2215.4KB

Adults and their Dutch ovens. Almost done...
10-11-04 2:57p 2380.6KB

Mr Staron accepting Leo's offer to dispose of the leftover whipped cream.
10-11-04 2:57p 1088.7KB
Next morning, breakfast. Bright and early.
10-11-04 2:57p 1524.9KB

Luke and Ryan wondering exactly WHY they're up.
10-11-04 2:57p 1514.2KB

The Vikings are moving along smartly.
10-11-04 2:57p 1699.3KB
Closing ceremony...or prelude to some REAL work. Either is correct.
10-11-04 2:57p 1888.7KB

Ft Washington. A 'before' picture.
10-11-04 2:57p 2068KB

Ryan, about to attack 20 year's growth.
10-11-04 2:57p 2690.9KB
Mr Mig, no doubt thinking unkind thoughts about honeysuckle, locust, etc.
10-11-04 2:57p 2252.6KB

Scouts and “the enemy”. Notice the thick green mass on the hill. It wasn't there when we finished that day.
10-11-04 2:57p 2511.3KB

Hunter and Derrick at the door to an ammo bunker.
10-11-04 2:57p 1688.2KB
Mr Bernardes and friends on top of the bunker.
10-11-04 2:57p 1869.4KB

Closeup of northwest corner of the fort. The green mass above and to the right of the person in the yellow shirt is actually trees growing out of a rifle pit...12 feed deep!
10-11-04 2:57p 1434.2KB

Johnny and Ryan. Ryan thinking, Johnny dozing.
10-11-04 2:57p 1199.6KB

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