Old Bayless Inn and Dyer's Cave

4-5 Dec 2004

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Unloading at the Old Bayliss Inn
12-04-04 10:42a 1062.2KB

George looks ready to go.
12-04-04 11:19a 791.6KB

Mrs Dixon showing Mr Hertsch the entrance to the limestone mine and cave. Where's the cave? Oh, THERE! Thanks.
12-04-04 12:09p 1417.5KB
Mr Hertsch briefing his expedition.
12-04-04 12:31p 1489.6KB

Mr Waisanen's expedition.
12-04-04 12:31p 1294.4KB

On the path to the entrance.
12-04-04 12:34p 1612.2KB
Mr Hertsch has found the entrance.
12-04-04 12:37p 1489.1KB

Final briefing before Mr Hertsch takes his group into the cave.
12-04-04 12:40p 772.6KB

Bird's nest just in side the entrance. No Collin, this is NOT a bat's nest.
12-04-04 12:49p 743.7KB
Derrick indicating a resting bat.
12-04-04 12:53p 694.2KB

Pair of bats.
12-04-04 1:06p 1343.1KB

Mr Moffatt indicating a cluster of bats. His look of disgust is for the flash, not the bats.
12-04-04 1:14p 909.9KB
Bryan and Derrick negotiating a narrow and steep descent.
12-04-04 1:19p 768.3KB

Having checked the map, we've made our decision and on we go.
12-04-04 1:22p 641.4KB

Bryan negotiating a crawl.
12-04-04 1:36p 858.3KB
At the poolside, Derrick indicating a small rock holding up a shelf.
12-04-04 1:59p 969.9KB

Time for a munch break. Notice the tarp to catch crumbs.
12-04-04 2:06p 882.4KB

The group decides to return. The way forward is a bit too small.
12-04-04 3:29p 868.3KB
The steep descent, now a steep ASCENT.
12-04-04 3:29p 947.6KB

The venture group, who'd been waiting outside, decide to return for more exploration. Bye guys. We'll give you an hour.
12-04-04 3:52p 836.5KB

David looks like he's found something.
12-04-04 4:01p 1185.2KB
Paul checks David's progress.
12-04-04 4:06p 760.2KB

Hard to believe it, but those are the bottoms of David's shoes.
12-04-04 4:07p 1207.5KB

And Paul seems incredulous.
12-04-04 4:07p 1141.5KB
There's a helmet. Someone coming out?
12-04-04 4:08p 1213.2KB

David, who's coming out now?
12-04-04 4:11p 1136.3KB

Leo climbing down past David's portal.
12-04-04 4:26p 1301.3KB
Paul's perch.
12-04-04 4:39p 1239.3KB

Venture group returns.
12-04-04 4:52p 720.2KB

Is Mr Giltz checking out another entrance or is he practicing bouldering?
12-04-04 4:54p 694.6KB
Looks like the Scouts have found Paul's passage and Mr Giltz has found a place to sit.
12-04-04 4:57p 991.1KB

Time to leave the cave.
12-04-04 5:03p 1305.2KB

Our host, Mr James Dixon, caver and owner of the Old Bayliss Inn.
12-04-04 8:04p 677.7KB
Philip, next to a demonstration of a one-pot meal/invention by Eagle Scout Cody, T1501's grubmaster of year's past.
12-04-04 8:16p 646.9KB

Speaking of Cody, here he is explaining how to cook food using a Nalgeen water bottle.
12-04-04 8:16p 752.8KB

Collin cooking up dinner.
12-04-04 8:42p 599.4KB
Scouts sill asleep from a hard day's effort and warming food. It's tough to get up when the fire is nice and toasty.
12-05-04 7:50a 701.2KB

Breakfast around the chuck box. Everyone is making their own dish of oatmeal, flavored to their personal preferenc.
12-05-04 9:21a 1274.6KB

Our Scoutmaster, Mr Waisanen.
12-05-04 9:21a 843.4KB
Chris, looking a bit tired.
12-05-04 9:22a 746KB

Bryan, too.
12-05-04 9:23a 830.5KB

But Raul seems to be enjoying breakfast...or is this hot chocolate?
12-05-04 9:23a 820.2KB
In the Inn, the Scouts are chowing down. What's this? Someone seems to have forgotten this outing was to be a NO DISPOSABLES outing!!!
12-05-04 9:24a 837.4KB

Our service project, make a fire ring and collect firewood.
12-05-04 10:40a 1605.4KB

Philip, George, and Raul making a pile of kindling.
12-05-04 10:52a 1580KB
Kyle and Bryan bringing a VERY heavy rock up to the ring.
12-05-04 10:52a 1433.3KB

James proceeds to make a downed tree into firewood.
12-05-04 11:14a 1648.7KB

Doing a pretty good job, almost done.
12-05-04 11:14a 1632.4KB
Time to load, almost time to go.
12-05-04 12:20p 1228.6KB

Troop 1501, first visitors to (new) Old Bayliss Inn, 5-Dec-2004.
12-05-04 9:29p 1086.5KB
Permission form
 We had an excellent outing the weekend of 4/5 December thanks to the hospitality of Mr and Mrs James Dixon. They loaned us the use and grounds of the Old Bayliss Inn and provided us maps and directions to an abonded limestone mine and to Dyer's Cave. Saturday night, Mr Dixon came for a visit and while the Scouts worked on the Cooking Merit Badge, he talked to the adults about other caving opportunities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Such very nice people. We hope they have years of success with the Bayliss Inn. An excellent location for a future Bed and Breakfast with excellent access to several opportunities for adventures.

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