Derek's Funeral


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Derek's new home, livable but just finished construction.
08-31-05 11:04a 791KB

Derek's new neighborhood.
08-31-05 11:05a 829.9KB

Interior, dining room looking out toward street.
08-31-05 11:14a 672.6KB
In the basement, getting a tour of Derek's last projects.
08-31-05 11:14a 637.3KB

The mud room Derek was making for his mom. His first experience with framing and drywalling.
08-31-05 11:15a 739.3KB

Exhibit A: the door was framed flush with the wall, leaving no space for the molding. Ooops.
08-31-05 11:15a 709KB
Derek cut each 2x4 to the same length...then found out (like so many other DIYs) the floor joists for the main floor are NOT the same distance from the basement floor. The framer to the left of the door had a gap and the header needed a spacer. But check out what's to the left.
08-31-05 11:15a 856.6KB

Something will need to be done to fill in the gaps between the joists...
08-31-05 11:16a 929.2KB

Closeup of the header. Not bad considering the level of experience of the builder.
08-31-05 11:17a 709.7KB
An example of Derek's idea having an impact; the insulated walls are covered with sheetrock for protection (good idea). Derek installed the walls with help of sister Staci..and THEN finding out Dad required he compensate Staci out of his pay. Help from sister: $4/hr. Value of interaction: priceless.
08-31-05 11:17a 697.4KB

Derek framed a hole for access to the power box, but forgot to make it wide enough to remove the cover (if/when an additional circuit was needed or a breaker would require replacing). So...cut the framer and add another. Dad lays down the law that quality MUST improve before tackling the exercise room.
08-31-05 11:18a 637KB

Speaking of which...there's a LOT of wall. Derek? Yup.
08-31-05 11:19a 785.1KB
A VERY proud Dad, with a right to be proud. Son has demonstrated he has mastered framing and sheetrock installation...within 6 weeks. This room was HUGE.
08-31-05 11:20a 592.7KB

Upstairs in Derek's room by his bed/desk. Ben is looking at the trinkets Derek cherished. Beside Ben is a table Derek made out of extra framing wood to hold his aquarium (not shown). Something about it being big enough to hold Koi. Perhaps 50 gallon capacity? Funny what people will do when they are denied a motorcycle.
08-31-05 11:26a 728.3KB

Derek's older brother Karl looking over Derek's notebook. Only one doodle, the rest are notes. The lad was studying!!!
08-31-05 11:26a 735.1KB
Derek's bottle collection. Coke from around the world.
08-31-05 11:30a 476.6KB

Bookmark from Derek's last trip to Mexico, March 5-13, 2005.
08-31-05 11:31a 750.5KB

In the dining room, Scott, Ben, Karl and Ken sort through what to take to the funeral. Of course, Derek's Eagle neckerchief and his orange hat.
08-31-05 11:32a 745.6KB
Ken, coming to the dining room from the study with a printout from Derek's last entry to his blog.
08-31-05 11:35a 712.6KB

Kitchen, back is to the back of the house.
08-31-05 11:40a 670.1KB

Doorway to the left is toward the hall to the garage and dining room. Doorway to right is to the dining room and main entrance. Chairs are for the informal eating area.
08-31-05 11:40a 700.7KB
Ben and Scott at informal eating area listening to Karl share his favorite stories of Derek.
08-31-05 12:11p 654.3KB

Derek required Dad's help in figuring out which of three remotes could adjust the sound. Seems when you've hit “mute”, none will work. [NB/ Ken has installed a VERY good, high-wattage, sound system... I think my ears have stopped ringing. Last thing I heard was “Try hitting the mute button again, Dad.”]
08-31-05 12:30p 713KB

Another view of the kitchen with walk-in pantry and 6-unit gas range set into a brick surround. Very nice.
08-31-05 12:37p 755.8KB
An example of the log Derek took of every hour spent working on the house. Seems Dad agreed to pay Derek at the same rate Derek was getting in Virginia.
08-31-05 12:37p 501KB

Ben, Sue, and Ken.
08-31-05 12:39p 851.4KB

Outside Grace Baptist Church, 109 N. Main Street, Cedarville, OH.
08-31-05 2:26p 1030.3KB
Entering the church. The window above had a twin on the other side, lighting the sanctuary.
08-31-05 2:28p 983KB

Inside the sanctuary.
08-31-05 2:29p 680KB

Inside the sanctuary.
08-31-05 2:29p 675.5KB
One of the modern Christian hymns sung that day, “Our God is an Awesome God.”
08-31-05 2:29p 706.7KB

Derek's Eagle regalia.
08-31-05 2:38p 1000.8KB

And orange hat.
08-31-05 2:38p 793.2KB
Pre-service slide show (by Eva Stark, good friend of Derek's) from birth to last days at Cedarville University.
08-31-05 4:17p 672.6KB

Outside, after the service, waiting for the family.
08-31-05 4:22p 817.4KB

At the cemetery, about 6 blocks away from the church, on the north side of the campus of Cedarville University. The man consolling Ken is Pastor Robert Rohm, Derek's pastor at the University.
08-31-05 4:37p 869.6KB
And the loop road into the cemetery is packed!
08-31-05 4:37p 991KB

Looking south toward Derek's grave. Over the wall of trees is Cedarville University. To the right (west) are the tennis courts. Rather fitting site for Derek who loved the school and enjoyed tennis.
08-31-05 4:39p 779.9KB

Col Fullencamp, Ben, Sue, and Karl. Col Fullencamp is in charge of the ROTC unit at CU.
08-31-05 4:39p 1003.9KB
Another shot of the Col.
08-31-05 4:39p 966.9KB

After the ceremony, the crowd of (at least) 200 begin to leave.
08-31-05 4:53p 921.4KB

Entrance to the University.
08-31-05 5:22p 1120.5KB
Cover of the funeral bulletin. Typical Derek, always cheeful, friendly, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, courtious, kind, obedient, thrifty, brave, clean, and especially reverent.
08-31-05 6:00p 382.8KB

Interior of funeral bulletin. Please notice that Derek's organs helped save the lives of 5 people. All told, 80 people will benefit from Derek's last gifts.
08-31-05 6:00p 382.8KB

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