Getting Dimensions for the Backing For Derek's Plaque at the Congressional Cemetery


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Glenn is checking to see if a single brick could replace the two half bricks.
12-10-05 4:27p 1189.2KB

Appears like it might work.
12-10-05 4:27p 1271.3KB

At the top (west end), the original bricks are oriented as east/west, then north/south, and east/west. These would be replaced with two that are oriented north/south.
12-10-05 4:27p 1318.5KB
Checking spacing. The pavers have extensions on one of the long sides, flat on the other.
12-10-05 4:27p 1387.5KB

Wider shot, looking west from the road.
12-10-05 4:28p 1323.8KB

Imagine the cardboard is grey granite and the pavers are actually in the ground, and you'll have an idea of what the finished product will look like.
12-10-05 4:30p 1277.7KB
And proof that the bricks are square. Looks like Derek was very careful in laying them out.
12-10-05 4:30p 1356.3KB

Same picture, a bit closer.
12-10-05 4:31p 1356.2KB

And closer...
12-10-05 4:31p 1311.5KB
And closer...
12-10-05 4:31p 1248.1KB

A more aligned view.
12-10-05 4:31p 1300.5KB

On the entrance road, facing west.
12-10-05 4:32p 1237.3KB
Slightly wider shot
12-10-05 4:32p 1228.4KB

Facing somewhat norherly.
12-10-05 4:32p 1272.4KB

Facing somewhat southerly.
12-10-05 4:33p 1241.1KB
Another view. Notice the template was cut precisely to the surrounding bricks.
12-10-05 4:36p 1328.5KB

Notice the edges of the bricks are beveled. Perhaps what would look best is to cut the granite 1/4” all around, or at least 1/8”.
12-10-05 4:38p 1357.7KB

Notice the paver that will replace the ones oriented north/south will have its flat side toward the granite.
12-10-05 4:39p 1134.2KB
In front of the kiosk looking toward the chapel at the end of the road. This is Collin, the head of the grounds. We were very fortunate he and Patrick were present to recommend an alternative location that was better than our original plan.
12-10-05 4:41p 1222.1KB

Glenn is marking each paver to be removed (or reused).
12-10-05 4:46p 1370.1KB

Notice the pavers in the corner are marked with “Cor”.
12-10-05 4:46p 1497.3KB

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