Memorial Ceremony for Derek at Congressional Cemetery


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In the chapel, south side windows, looking East.
12-18-05 2:47p 724.1KB

Venture Scouts in the first two pews, new committee memember behind, old committee in the back...and Matt.
12-18-05 2:47p 808.3KB

Cody sharing his memories of Derek.
12-18-05 2:47p 796.9KB
12-18-05 2:47p 827.5KB

Matt DeMarr with the current members of T1501 Followed by friends from Messiah (like Paul).
12-18-05 2:47p 873KB

And current committee memembers and family.
12-18-05 2:47p 826.3KB
And the Brookshires, who were responsible for getting T1501 involved with the Cemetery back in 2001.
12-18-05 2:47p 815.7KB

What do you get when Scouts mix with food and drink? Spills.
12-18-05 3:49p 642.4KB

At the reception.
12-18-05 3:49p 730.5KB
Ben's favorite picture of Derek is on the table.
12-18-05 3:49p 678.4KB

Various shots of the Scouts and friends.
12-18-05 4:01p 1098KB

12-18-05 4:01p 1285.7KB
12-18-05 4:02p 1230.4KB

12-18-05 4:02p 1235.8KB

12-18-05 4:03p 1250.7KB
12-18-05 4:04p 995.5KB

12-18-05 4:04p 984.5KB

12-18-05 4:04p 986.2KB
12-18-05 4:05p 1039.2KB

12-18-05 4:06p 969.4KB

#11 Pretty nice of Charlie to wear his sash.
12-18-05 4:07p 1095.3KB
12-18-05 4:08p 1113KB

12-18-05 4:08p 1130.3KB

The stone arrives and the cutout looks right.
12-23-05 3:59p 858.5KB
The fit is perfect! The next step is installation.
12-23-05 4:02p 1283.5KB

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