Instructor Training-Syllabi and Tests-2014


A new season, lessons learned from the Fall session, six months of research into experiential learning, a weekend with the North East Region (NER) COPE and Climbing/Rappelling Task Force, meeting the Area 6 Advocate, and..I've got a ton of work to do in preparation for the Spring COPE Instructor Training session on 28-30 March. Feed-back from the Spring and Fall sessions indicate attendees greatly appreciated seeing the group transition from Forming to Performing. The staff we've got can make that happen on a regular basis, I'm sure. This Fall, we're going to have Level 1 AND Level 2 training, provided the Advocate can attend and approves the syllabi.

Level 1 Instructor (click here for syllabus)

Key learning objectives for the Level 1 include:
1. Introduction to COPE and Role of COPE Level I Instructor
2. Understand Challenge by Choice
3. Know about group development
4. Know warm up activities and initiative games
5. Understand COPE Magic: Stories, Overcoming Hesitation, Dealing with fear and anxiety
6. Understand Sequencing and processing
7. Set up high course belay systems
8. Know and be able to use CHECK program as a safety check
9. Fit a number of different-sized people with seat harnesses and know which body styles require the use of a chest harness
10. Conduct a daily inspection
11. Fill out the proper log used during the running of the high course
12. Inspect a commercial seat harness & helmet properly
13. Demonstrate the inspection process for ropes
14. Show proficiency in tying knots
15. Be able to open/run/close the low and high courses
16. Be familiar with course hardware
17. Demonstrate rescue for high course
The Level 1 Instructor's Guide will be adapted to fill in details for accomplishing the training specified in the syllabus.

Level 2 Instructor (click here for syllabus)

Key learning objectives for Level 2 include:
1. Role of COPE Level II Instructor
2. Understand safety measures
3. Essential maintenance on/off season
4. Understand National Standards for COPE courses
5. Record keeping and equipment control
6. Staff training
7. Rescue and process training
8. Understand the Emergency Action Plan
9. Be able to perform the three types inspections required
Prerequisites for Level 2 Instructor are:
1. Currency as Level 1 Instructor
2. Demonstrated proficiency with facilitation during sessions at NCAC (attested to by either a Level 2 Instructor, Director, or PM)