My book


Everyone has a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay: Christopher Hitchens.
Depressing. Hope that isn't the case here.
Everyone has a book inside of them - but it doesn't do any good until you pry it out.: Jodi Picoult
Better. I'll go with this.

I've determined that I need to start documenting the results of my more than 60 years' of research.
I've been blessed with a long life, and cursed with an inquisitive nature, judgmental attitude, and general lack of discipline.
My early childhood was spent in poverty, but in an impoverished area of middle Minnesota; relatively speaking, my family did okay.
My father was always employed (vocational agriculture teacher). My mother was a trained and highly competent home economics who made sure each of her 7 surviving children knew how to cook and bake, how to clean, and how to sew (to varying levels of expertise). Both parents continually stressed the importance of propriety, education and industry.
Both parents were teachers, and were able to have a positive impact on hundreds of people over multiple generations.
Both parents were stricken with cancer, and could see their lives ending.
Neither documented their discoveries.
By writing this book I hope recall the lessons they taught, and expand on them to make them relevant.

What follows will be a Drupal book. Unlike a traditional book with serially arranged pages, this book is a set of artifacts that are logically bound together.
I take full responsibility for the content and the organization.
For now, I need to pry out the book. I doubt
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