Syllabus-20121117_Troop 683


COPE (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience)

Agenda of Unit Facilitation: November 17, 2012 (original)

Theme: Bond Boot Camp

Sunday (20121111):Tony & Emilie]
Time Event/Activity Notes
1:00 – 4:00 pm Do preliminary course check. Confirm sufficient gear available Tony & Emilie
7:00 – 9:00 pm Confirm attendance with unit leader (Bernard Adelsberger) Tony
Saturday: [Emilie (“M”) & Tony (“Q”)]
7:00 – 8:00 Staff preparation
  • Move All-Aboard platforms near TP Shuffle (e.g., on path to Whale Watch)
  • Bring two hula-hoops to dining hall.
  • Fill water jug
  • Set up Wild Woozy
  • Put Weatherby by Whale Watch
9:00 – 11:30 Theme of day’s activities: Bond Boot Camp
Introductions, purpose and goals. Challenge by choice (opt out if wished, but need to be sure this is best course of action)Assign “00” tags
Emilie/M, outside dining hall

Warm-up and stretching exercises (“When I prepare for a mission, I like to …”) All
Be sure position is held for 15 seconds

I’ve Got A Mission” (same rules as I’ve Got Mail but focused on what you have done or like to do that might be true of someone else, but not many people know about you). If you’re the only person, try again. Tony/Q
Purpose is to discover the hidden talents and abilities that could be used in upcoming missions.

Helium stick (communication, teamwork) Two hula hoops, one for each team. Must transport to training camp while keeping level.

Space Commander
Split into two teams. Collector is blindfolded and is guided to goals and away from danger by speaking person who’s looking at mute members who can see the Collector.
How are frustrations handled with direction (e.g., “go left” whose left?) and distance (“big step” vs “two feet”).How were terms defined and how did they evolve?

T.P. Shuffle (P 48) [communicate, problem solving]
1. In order of “00xx” number
2. In order of height
3. In order of age/ birth month
In silence.
Encourage reusing techniques that have worked.

All Aboard [teamwork, problem solving]
Elevator shaft, teleporter, rescue pods; must demonstrate ability to sustain cramped quarters by saying “We’re the double-oh team.” or similar statement.
Look for reluctance to touch or reluctance to depend on others. Also look for signs of “if I’m failing, so will someone else.”

Whale Watch (P 101) [teamwork, problem solving]
Team must get aboard (perhaps swap sides) and collect material.
Be ready to remove any natural leader. Promote someone who indicates ability to lead, but waiting for opportunity.

[teamwork, problem solving]
Team must collect explosives (balls)
Three teams; one for keeping frame vertical, one for rocking frame side-to-side, one for giving guidance.
11:30-12:00 Reflection
12:00 – 1:30 Lunch
1:30-4:30 Spotting techniques
  • Spoons,not forks
  • Commands / sequence
  • Head and neck most important, then spine

Trust (Levitation)
1. Knees
2. Waist
3. Shoulder
4. Head Down
Cycle by smallest to largest, position team for safety.

Trust Fall
Use picnic table
Cycle by smallest to largest, position team for safety.

Up & Over (P 70) (teamwork, trust, problem solving)
Need to scale wall to escape. Cannot touch uprights. Cannot allow jumping resulting in risk of injury.
Look for planning on getting the entire team across vs only key members.

Spider's Web (P 86) (communication, trust)
In case team member is injured, how could electric fence be penetrated?
Look for planning on getting the entire team across vs only key members.

Giant’s Finger
<Need scenario>

Wild Woozy
<Need scenario>


Dinner and gear inspection

Scenario: The troop has enrolled in the (James) Bond Boot Camp (the “other” BBC), where they will learn if they have what it takes to be an agent. Facilitators M and Q will need to assess the abilities of each in terms of communication, trust of others, trustworthiness, and teamwork.


  • Clearly communicate concept of “Challenge By Choice” in the “Introduction”, before trust games, and before high elements.
  • Ensure jug of iced water is on the course.