Service Projects


This page will describe some of the projects we've experimented with to determine which services are appreciated by our customers (at work, in the community, in our homes).

  • One project, what we call "edible architecture", is based on the fact that everyone eats, most like to eat. Most people like surprises and novelty. Please click on our (partial) photo journal of our building an edible model of the Abiding Presence Lutheran Church in Burke, VA (with lights)
  • Social gatherings seem to be something people will attend, but not like to host. We recently had a surprise birthday brunch for the president of MAGI, Inc., Holly Waisanen. Discovered that our family isn't the only one who develops a work breakdown structure (WBS) when undertaking a project (like hosting a gathering). We aren't the only ones who have a schedule of activities so we avoid conflicts with limited resources (e.g., two ovens but three ovens' worth of food). Project management can work outside the office. We also discovered that when guests get a job that fits their interests and abilities, they can take ownership of a portion of the gathering, which can be very important for people who have an ethic of providing services (which our friends have). Also, this gathering confirmed that everyone has a story which, generally, they would like to have someone hear. When you give them an opportunity to tell their story in the presence of someone with similar interests, a dialogue ensues. Guests leave the gathering with a sense of accomplishment; they had an opportunity to serve, and they learned something new. When they have had food and drink prepared for them, in front of them, with obvious care, as much as they want, they are very satisfied. Perhaps our next project will be to figure out how to teach others to host.